About Acoustic Health

Everyone at one time or another has laid back in bed with their headphones and listened to Pink Floyd’s classic album, Dark Side of the Moon(DSOM}. If you have never done it, may I suggest trying now. The tracks of the this transcendent masterpiece are linked through a common heartbeat. Pink Floyd use of the heart beat, intentionally manipulates your bio rhythms and breathing. I recall listening DSOM and being able to see the record turning in my head to the mellow beats and putting myself into a transcendental state of relaxation.


Organic Circuitry is a local group of psytrance DJ’s who invited me to one of their parties a year or 2 ago. When I heard the music I found a connection between the sound of the beta waves that I was listening to through BYAUD device to increase motivation, reduce headaches, and increase memory.
Somewhere between Darkside of the Moon and the Psytrance at the Organic Circuitry lies a natural balance of biorythmes that can elevate mood, relaxation, stop headaches, increase memory, reduce cravings of bad habits.

Acoustic Health and guitar instruction allows the participant to shift gears on their biorythmes naturally while learning to play and express.

Examples of Meditative properties in music:

Mozart 40. This I associate motivation, drive, inspiration and epiphany.

More Cowbell. The simple but fast repetitive chord change in the song is easily obtainable to help focus and motivate, alleviate, ect..

Grateful Dead’s The wheel, is basically singing about. Feel its ride. You can feel it go round round….